The Guide To Birding With Spotting Scopes

beautiful bird scoping

Spotting scopes can widen your horizon during your bird watching activities. Through this, you will be able to see birds more clearly. As you probably know, there are times when you will require more than the traditional 7x-10x binoculars for locating rare bird species that you could have missed otherwise. But, this is not just useful if you want to see those rare species because spotting scopes can be used practically for all types of birding. What is even more exciting is that this will let you watch and observe even the most sensitive of species from a friendly distance without disturbing them in their natural habitat. Others think that the use of a spotting scope is more difficult than using a binocular yet this idea can be easily debunked with just a bit of practice.

When the magnification is higher, the brightness and sharpness of the image is lower. Many other crucial things can be lost in favor of a higher magnification. A lot more emphasis must be given to the clarity and sharpness of the image instead of the magnification. You need to know how you should use your spotting scope with higher magnification.

See to it that you always start using your scope with the lowest magnification available before you gradually increase this to the highest possible. For you to master the use of your spotting scope, the basic skill that you need to learn is how to line up with the target. The perfect solution for narrowing the scope is an extensive field of view that can be attained through wide-field eye pieces.

There are two different designs of spotting scopes, the angle spotting scope and straight spotting scope. The straight scopes are the ones most preferred by many users, and this is characterized through an eyepiece in line with the scope’s body. Meanwhile, the angled scopes are regarded as the best choice for birding from vehicles since these can be easily mounted on a car’s window. These are also perfect for bird watching at a height and can be used easily if you want to go stargazing at nighttime. Practice is all that you need, no matter what type of scope you use. If deciding which spotting scope to get, then you should check out my comprehensive spotting scope guide.

There are still some other things that you have to keep in mind in order to get a better view with your spotting scope. First, you have to keep both of your eyes open while you observe. Also, wear your glasses if you are suffering from astigmatism and you can use the sharper and stronger eye as your scope eye. Keep the muscle around your eyes relaxed while observing. But if you cannot keep both of your eyes open, just try to keep your other eye partially open. It is said to be a wonderful practice and in time, you will surely be able to master this technique. Also check out our massive bird scoping buying guide.


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