Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope Review

If your budget is under $500, then this modern sporting rifle optics is the one for you. It provides up to 95% light transmission and maximum brightness from dawn to dusk. There’s no doubting its high quality clear glass and its excellent performance in low light situations. It’s waterproof and fogproof, and has a matte finish.

This scope is great for long range shooting even at 1000 yards. It’s really worth your money because of the BDC making quick shots possible. This scope has a parallax adjustment and a spot on custom turret as well. With Spot-On Ballistics Match Technology, this scope becomes easy to use. The Nikon Spot-On program will give all the yardages of your reticle’s aiming points after inputting ammunition load data, altitude, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. You may also add the wind speed and direction. Plus, its Enhanced Mount Ring Spacing provides greater mounting versatility.

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Below are the specifications of the scope:

Magnification 4-16x
Objective Diameter 42 mm
Exit Pupil 2.62-10.5mm
Field of View 6.3-25.2ft @ 100 yds.
Tube Diameter – Other 1 in.
Eye Relief 3.7-4in
Adjustment Graduation ¼ in.
Objective Outside Diameter 49.3mm
Eyepiece Outside Diameter 44mm
Weight 19 oz.
Overall Length 13.5 in.
Parallax Setting – Other 50 yds.
Max Internal Adjustment 40 MOA

Nikon M-308 with BDC 800 reticle is developed specifically for the trajectory of the .308 WIN/7.62 NATO round with 168gr HPBT match bullet. If you choose this scope, then you can also use the elevation turret just like you would with any target style turret. You can also use the BDC 800 subtension features that are calibrated to the 168gr HPBT at 2680 feet/second.

However, if you prefer uncluttered reticle along with the fine cross hairs in the middle of the reticle, then maybe consider Nikon M-308 Nikoplex version. But the M-308 with BDC 800 reticle version is still one of the best rated products in the rifle scope category.

On the other hand, this scope comes with just one turret for 168 G bullet unlike other BDC scopes that come with different turrets for different weight bullets, which can be a disadvantage. Some reviews also mentioned that the scope may not hold zero in the long run and its tube rings loosen after several rounds which require retightening. The M-308 one-piece mount that comes with it is of low quality and the accompanying app might not be practical for hunting. With it being a BDC scope, it only rotates approximately 22 clicks to either elevation direction, which is approximately 250 yards. So if the target is 300 yards, shooters are forced to use their BDC reticle even if they have time to adjust the drop and windage. But remember, most of these disadvantages are only applicable to some and not to all products. Some also pointed out that a more detailed mounting instruction could have been more useful especially with the torque values. A sun shield could have been included, too.

Nonetheless, this waterproof and fogproof scope is still great to use. It has a side focus and a matte black finish and it’s perfect for centerfire short/mid range and varmint hunters. It also works well on an AR (Modern Sporting Rifle). It’s easy to sight in since it’s user friendly. Nikon says each click is equal to ¼ inch at 100 yards, and that is precisely what the scope does. It’s easy to zero, easy to adjust for distance, and easy to re-zero.

Now some customers report that their reticle is defective because it is out of focus. They report immediately, thinking that the reticle is damaged. If it is, it is most likely NOT. Before reporting, try to point the scope at a solid color wall first and adjust using the adjustment ring at the eyepiece until the reticle is in focus. If it doesn’t work, then the reticle is probably damaged, which is unlikely for a Nikon product.

Nikon proved the quality of their products over the years and a lot of people can attest to that. Whether you’re an occasional shooter or a competitive shooter, you’ll be satisfied with the quality of the glass and its ability to return to zero after adjusting for long range shots. The BDC system works like a charm and it gives the hunter more confidence in making a quick longer range shot. This is also great for self-defense and target practice.

According to several shooters, it works great on DPMS Recon II, Rock River Arms LAR-8, Ruger AR rifle using 7.62 NATO 168 grain ammo, Remington 700 SPS tactical .308, and SIG716.

This scope comes with durable flip open lens covers, with a waffle screw in lens cover (anti-reflection) and a microfiber cloth.

Bottom line: There’s no room for doubts here. Sure, there are negative feedbacks but if your budget is under $500, then go for this and be done!

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