How To Clean A Rifle Scope


It is not just because of their high-definition and multi-coated lenses that makes a modern rifle scope sophisticated. They can sure deliver sharpness and detail that are not short of extraordinary, but they also make your hunting and shooting experiences so much better.

However, most people have not given much thought about cleaning them. They forget that for a rifle scope to get to its peak performance, they should be kept clean. When you have dirt or smudge on the lenses, there will be a reduction on its sharpness and detail; and when this happens at a time where there is a low light level, do not expect anywhere of a good performance from the scope.

But you might ask: Should I only clean my scope for the lenses? Well, yes…and no. Yes, you should clean it for the expensive lenses and no, you should also clean it because it adds life to your scope. You should also remember that you can only take full advantage of your scope’s features, especially the brightness and clarity it provides, if you properly clean it. So, how is it done?

Step 1.

Brush any large dust or dirt particles from your scope’s glass surface. Use a soft brush. A great example of this brush is the one from the Peca Optical Cleaning Kit called Ultra Brush.It is specifically tailored for glass and multi-coated use with its extremely soft fibers. Of course, during use, keep the brush away from grease or oil so it does not get transferred on the glass or lens. When you’re done brushing, retract the brush into the base and put the cap on. This keeps it clean and dry until your next use.


Step 2.

Having problems removing those minor smudges and fingerprints on your scope’s glass surface? Use the Soft-Tek Microfiber Cloth. It’s chemical-free and is safe to use on multi-coated lenses, glass and even plastic. After all, it has individual fibers where each one is 10 times thinner than silk and a hundred times smaller than human hair! And since it has a triangular shape, the Soft-Tek cloth won’t spread the smudges or oils. It works just like how a squeegee does on glass. To clean this cloth, you shouldn’t use fabric conditioner or bleach.


Step 3.

If your rifle scope has dried water spots or pollen, advanced cleaning is needed with the use of Lens-Brite Anti-Fog Liquid Lens Cleaner along with a Premium Grade Lens Cleaning Tissue.

Lens-Brite provides anti-fog action which can be very useful for outdoor activities. It also underwent rigid quality control at Beloit Wisconsin by Peca Products where it was also manufactured.

The Premium Grade Lens Cleaning Tissue, manufactured by the same company at Winconsin, met the US Government Specification A-A-50177A.

To start your advanced cleaning, place a few drops of Lens-Brite on a wad of the cleaning tissue. Start cleaning in a circular motion from the center then work out towards the edges. Immediately follow it up with a dry wad of tissue to make sure there is no fluid left. Do this until your lens is clean and polished. All this information is also relevant for AR-15 Scopes.

After cleaning your rifle scope, you can read about how to zero it.

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