Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest HD5 Rifle Scope Review

If your bank account isn’t crying out of desperation, then it means you can spend more for a riflescope. And it is wise to spend your money on the Optical Conquest HD5.

This scope is actually German assembled, not German made as what some descriptions claim. It may not be illuminated but it still is one of the two best rifle scopes I recommend for an unlimited budget.

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Let me give you 10 reasons why it’s worth your $1,200 budget. First of all, it has HD lens system and T coatings for enhanced image quality which is perfect in low light situations. Second, its compact tube design allows you to use it anywhere. Third, its Rapid-Z 1000 ballistic reticle provides numbered holdover lines for long-range shooting (up to 1000 yards). Fourth, it’s shorter than many 3-12x scopes today. Fifth, it’s optimized for .308-caliber for tactical or bench rest shooting. Sounds great, right? Sixth, it has a lockable target turret for easier compensation. Seventh, its trouble-free and accurate regulation facilitates the shooting adjustment. Eighth, the bright and clear vision it provides is impressive. Ninth, it’s best for those who want to reach out 500 yards or beyond. And lastly, it’s produced by Zeiss, one of the most popular brands among those who enjoy and can afford high end rifle scopes.

It has high resolution 5x zoom for ultimate versatility. Images are at high resolution thanks to Carl Zeiss T* and LotuTec protective coatings. Its non-magnifying second image plane reticles are state of the art. It sets a new standard for features and performance and challenges other scopes in its price range.

Check this reticle subtension guide for your benefit:

great table rifle scope

The holdovers on the Rz1000 reticle for the 308WIN are accurate up to about 300 yards. But after that, they become incorrect and off by a little, just a little. Another negative feedback is centered on the small sized turret knobs which can be a little difficult to move during the initial zeroing, merely because of the texture of the knob. The scope can be heavy too, since it weighs 26.6 oz.

On the other hand, satisfied customers say the scope works aptly on a Mauser M12 .308 Winchester, Stainless Ruger #1 in 243, and a Blaser Tactical 2 .338. This clear and bright scope also holds zero very well. It is perfect for hunters, long distance target shooters, and even tactical shooters. Plus, it is designed and assembled in Germany, so what more can I say?

Bottom line: If your budget has no limit, then go for this reliable, durable, and versatile scope. Invest in this and you’ll be surprised by its performance.

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