Best Spotting Scope Tripod Reviews 2017 – Comprehensive Guide

tripod reviewsTo make the most out of your experience, it is not enough to get the highest quality of spotting scope. It is also great to go through the best spotting scope tripod reviews to know how choosing the right product can make a difference.

Tripods are being used with various kinds of optical equipment. They are considered as essential accessories not just for supporting spotting scopes but even for other kinds of optical equipment like cameras, telescopes and binoculars. Every time you peer through your spotting scope, you are probably not considering how the tripod can work to support it unless the one you have it not really up to the task. Try to imagine having to peer into your scope only to find it wobbling and vibrating, which will then rob you of the great view that your otherwise good optics can deliver. Ask any scope owner and they will surely tell you that an unsteady tripod can be weak link in even the best optical system.

Top 5 Spotting Scope Tripod Reviews

It is always advisable to read a spotting scope tripod comparison so that you can know what the best budget tripod is and which will give you the real value of your money. In this best spotting scope stand review, you will discover the top five picks that you can consider to get for yourself the next time you decide to go shopping for a tripod:

1. Bushnell Advanced Tripod – Our Top Pick


Bushnell is no doubt the leader in the industry for the high quality view finders that they have been producing through the years and the Bushnell Advanced Tripod is named as the top choice of scope owners for a good reason.

Bushnell Advanced Tripod is among the best full size tripods that you can find today. With a weight of 5.5 ponds, it is a full featured tripod which can support an instrument of 11 pounds with a minimum height of 18.3 inches and maximum height of as much as 61 inches, without extending the column. It is a great device that can be used if portability is not one of your main concerns. This has a universal head that can fit a wide variety of scopes, binoculars and range finders. This also boasts of a sturdy built with rugged corrosion resistant finishes which can ensure you of trouble free service for many years.

Many spotting scope tripod reviews have stated that it offers a great support to spotting scopes while viewing either from a platform, deck or even at the roadside. Its aluminum legs are durable with a three-way tilt/pan head with a big mounting platform. Every leg is individually adjustable so you can easily get the right height perfect for your viewing. Some other notable features include the three padded foam leg cushions which add protection and comfort during extreme cold or hot conditions, the sliding center column complete with tension control and the rubber leg tips.

2. Vanguard Alta 264AO Aluminum Alloy – Best Tripod For Hunting


Vanguard Alta 264AO is a kind of aluminum tripod with a pan head which can hold as much as 11 pounds of load. It has a total weight of only 4.63 pounds. Some of its interesting features include the waterproof and dustproof leg locks, the large foam grips perfect for all weather use and the anti-shock ring for preventing damages to your spotting scope. What is more interesting about this tripod is that this is also ideal for macro photography, with its rubber feet easily retractable to expose the spikes perfect for rough terrain. Aside from these, its legs can also be individually adjusted into three different angles in order for you to better stabilize the tripod when using it on uneven ground. The tripod also comes with a strong magnesium die cast canopy while its pan head comes with a quick release plate, bubble level and backup safety lock. If you are looking for a tripod that can suit your needs and let you make the most out of your activity, this is one of the choices that deserve to be included in your list. Thanks to its remarkable features, it is not a surprise that it is always included in many best spotting scope tripod reviews.

3. Brunton Full Size Tubular Aluminum Tripod – Best For Birding

Brunton full size tripod

The main secret for precision viewing is none other than steadiness and this can be a bit difficult to achieve when your tripod is unreliable. The Brunton Full Size Tubular Aluminum Tripod offers an unparalleled combination of rock-solid reliability and stability. This tripod provides a plethora of features that you can commonly see on those higher end models, such as the built-in bubble level to guarantee precision, the removable 3-way pan head as well as the individual pushbutton leg angle adjustments.

Meanwhile, its two attached leg warmers provide comfortable shoulder support as you carry your tripod from one location to the next. Thanks to its non-slip rubber feet, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your tripod is going to stay secure even on the slippery surfaces. Some other noteworthy details of this particular product include the reversible column riser, 3/8 inch threaded screw head, height range of 28.5-70.5 inches and the adjustment key. With a weight of 7 pounds, this tripod is also backed by limited lifetime warranty. You see, the Brunton Full Size Tubular Aluminum Tripod is no doubt an anodized aluminum tripod that brings together all the vital features of multi-functional tripods into a more affordable and budget friendly metal frame.

4. AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod – Bargain


Now, if you are looking for the best budget tripod, then, the AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag makes it to the top of the list of tripods that are offered in the best price range that can suit all types of budget. Aside from being compatible with scopes, this one is also very compatible with many video cameras, still cameras, digital cameras, smartphone adapters and GoPro devices. This truly affordable choice has a recommended maximum load weight of as much as 6.6 pounds in order for it to give you its optimal performance. Overall, its weight is 3 pounds and this can also be extended from 25 inches to a maximum of 60 inches once its center post has been fully extended. This also comes with a carrying case so you can easily take it with you from one location to another.  This also includes two bubble view levels that are built in and the three-way head for allowing swivel and tilt motion and landscape or portrait options. There is also the quick-release mounting plate that can help ensure quick transitions in between the shots. Despite its reasonable price, you can still be sure that AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod can live up to your expectations with all its great features.

5. RetiCAM® Tabletop Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head


The last but not the least on the best spotting scope stand review is none other than the RetiCAM® Tabletop Tripod. It is a full featured and durable tripod that has been designed for table or bench setup of spotting scopes, cameras, smartphones, camcorders and other kinds of devices. This is very portable and lightweight but what is amazing with this is that unlike many of the mini tripods that you can find today, this one is extendable to as much as 19 inches tall complete with a 3-way pan head. Its smooth tilt and pan motion also allows an easy position of the scope for the optimum viewing angle. There is also a quick release plate included to allow an instant mounting and removal of the equipment. The sturdy three section legs of the tripod are made from aluminum and there are also quick snap flip locks that are put in place. Its geared center posts span 22 mm in diameter, allowing a quick height adjustment even when on the go. The built-in bubble level also helps with the quick setup of the stand. Complete with a convenient carrying bag, the RetiCAM® Tabletop Tripod can surely perform its function well without letting you down.

What to Look For When Buying a Spotting Scope Tripod

Tripods are essential to the operation of your scope. Once the tripod is not sufficiently solid to keep the scope stable, all the money you spend on your scope will go down the drain.

Particularly when utilizing a straight scope, it is crucial to know how to pick a tripod of the best possible height. The most critical estimation for steadiness is the height of the tripod when its center column has been retracted. As you raise this center column, the scope turns out to be more vulnerable to vibration.

To compute the tripod height, you need to work descending from the highest point of your head. Your eyes are around 4 to 5 inches from the highest point of your head. The scope eyepiece is around 4 inches over the base of the scope’s mount plate, and the tripod head is around 4 to 4.5 creeps high. Summing these up, you get 12 to 14 inches, which is the sum lower than your own height that the tripod should be without a head. In case you’re extremely tall, you may not discover a tripod that gives you that much height without raising its center column, so get one that requires less column rise as you can.

Every tripod additionally has two basic weight details. The conspicuous one is the heaviness of the tripod. Keep in mind here that you’ll need to incorporate the weights of the head and the scope to get the overall package. The other basic weight is its maximum load capacity. This is a sign of the quality of the tripod, and ought to dependably be bigger than the weight of the head in addition to that of the scope.

For 50mm and lightweight 60mm scopes, you ought to be alright with any of the better single unit tripods. Make certain to get one with a video style head, not one intended for still photography. If you can, get one with fluid damping in the head.

For better and heavier scopes from 60mm on up, you will need a tripod that has separate legs and head – not for adaptability, but rather in light of the fact that these tripods are sturdier.

Carbon fiber tripods are much lighter at the same quality and strength compared with aluminum. Carbon fiber can save as much as 30% in the legs’ over the same size of aluminum tripod. It can likewise put a colossal mark in your checkbook. Expenses can be dramatically increased.

Once more, heads ought to be video style as well as fluid damped. They ought to be evaluated as well for the weight of the scope. A few heads intended for little camcorders won’t have the capacity to bolster an 80mm scope.

Incidentally, it is normally alright to get your legs and head from various producers. All tripods have institutionalized mounting screws for the head. This is typically a ¼-20 jolt appended to the inside segment, though it might sporadically be a 3/8″ jolt. In either case, your head ought to have the capacity to accept the screw by removing or installing a ¼-20 to 3/8 connector.

Regardless of what size of tripod you get, you will need one that can accept quick release plate. This is a plate that screws onto the mounting plate of the scope and pops in and out a socket above the center column, taking into account brisk removal and attachment of the scope from and to the tripod. You definitely would prefer not to waste most of your time trying to attach your scope to your tripod each time you go birding. If you’re on the look for a spotting scope for your tripod, then we have constructed a in-depth guide on how to find the best spotting scope for you.