Best Rimfire Scope Reviews 2017 – Comprehensive Guide

Rimfire ScopeIf you want to improve your accuracy in using a rimfire rifle, then you might need the help of the best rimfire scopes. Moreover, you need this accessory if you are planning to hone your skills in a .22 LR rifles. This type of rifle is typical in hunting varmints or doing small games.

Rimfire rifles are one of the most common household weapons in the United States today. This gun, alongside with other handguns, have their recoil lowered for ease of use. Their prices are also cheaper compared to other sophisticated weapons. Aside from that, its ammunition is pretty cheap, too. In short, a rimfire rifle is the best weapon to use for starters. And even if you move into larger weapons, you won’t lose your interest to this gun.

As we mentioned, a rimfire rifle is good in dealing pests and varmints. However, its application is pretty vast, as it can be used on a day-to-day basis.

Nikon BDC 150
Nikon BDC 150
3 - 9x

1 pound
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Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9×40
Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9×40
3 - 9x
1.9 pounds

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Leupold 120617 VX-2
Leupold 120617 VX-2 Rimfire
3 - 9x
1.3 pounds


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Simmons .22 Mag Truplex 511072
Simmons .22 Mag Truplex Reticle Adjustable Objective Rimfire Riflescope
3 - 9x
1.5 pounds
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BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17
BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17
3 - 12x
1.8 pounds
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Learning how to use this gun is easy. However, its performance could further improve if you have a rimfire scope. Many are thinking that you can use any scopes and optics to a rimfire rifle. Unfortunately, that is not the case. At this point, you should know that standard scopes are not ideal for this type of weapon. This is because rimfire rifles and pistols are short range guns. They need a scope that can match this specification. Therefore, a rimfire scope is the right choice.

Specifically, this scope is good for viewing targets at 70 to 75 yards. If you are usually shooting at this range, then you will need this accessory.

This article is about the best rimfire scopes review. We have listed some of highly-rated brands of this device on the market today. If you have no idea what to buy, then this review will surely help you!

Of course, we also included here a comprehensive guide on how to choose a rimfire scope. So what are we waiting for? Let us start now!

Best Rimfire Scope Reviews

#1 Nikon BDC 150 – Our Top Pick

Nikon BDC 150Inarguably, the best rimfire scope on the market today is the Nikon BDC 150. You may think that Nikon is just good for shooting people (with cameras). However, that conception should already change today!

The BDC 150 uses a reticle that is specifically for .22 LR rifles. Moreover, it has a default 50-yard parallax setting to ensure that your shots will be precise. This precision can go up to 150 yards and beyond if you practice with it always. Because of this feature, this product is also the best .22 LR rifle scope.

You will also like its eye relief. If you are wearing glasses, then you could benefit from this feature. Specifically, its eye relief is 3.6 inches, which is pretty amazing already! You can guarantee the browse safely even if your rifle has heavy recoils or even if you are shooting at awkward angles.

Its field adjustment is easy to control too. This is due to its Zero-Reset Turrets technology. This patented feature simplified the use field adjustment. In fact, it is as simple as dialing the subsequent range of this scope. When you sight in, just lift the spring-powered knob and turn it to your “zero.” Afterward, you can re-engage already.

You will also love that the Nikon BDC 150 has a multicoated optical system. Its entire system can provide you 98 percent light transmission. If you are hunting in the dark, this brightness feature can surely help you. From dawn to dusk, this riflescope is always at its top performance.

It also comes with a precise 50-yard hand-controlled adjustments (1/4 inch). This positive click reticle adjustment helps in maintaining your setting, even in with heavy recoils.

Moreover, the entire construction of this riflescope is waterproof and fog proof. You can take it on areas with unfavorable weather and atmospheric conditions.


Magnification3 - 9x
Objective Lens Diameter40mm
Exit Pupil4.4 mm - 13.3mm
Eye Relief3.6 in
Field of view11.3 - 33.8 ft (100 yards)
Parallax Setting50 yards
Overall Dimension4.5 inches x 4 inches x 19.2 inches
Overall Weight1 pound

#2 Simmons .22 Mag Truplex 511072 – Best For The Money

Simmons .22 Mag Truplex Reticle Adjustable Objective Rimfire RiflescopeIf you are looking for the best rimfire scope for the money, then you should choose the Simmons .22 Mag Rimfire Scope. This accessory can give you all the features you need from a rimfire scope without spending too much!

One of the most impressive features of this product is it optics quality. All the visuals you can see are in HD quality, even at moderate distances! It used a military-grade steel on the entire tube, which can ensure the durability and strength of this accessory!

Moreover, you can quickly acquire your target with this rimfire scope, thanks to its QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) eyepiece. Even if your rifle has a heavy recoil, this feature can maintain your current setting. It also comes with a HydroShield coating that lets you have a clear vision, regardless of the weather.

We also consider that the Simmons .22 Mag is one of the easiest to use rimfire scopes. This is because of its user-friendly ergonomics. Aside from that, it also utilizes the patented SureGrip rubber of Simmons. This feature enables the quick adjustment of this accessory in different shooting scenarios. Even if you are wearing gloves, handling this product won’t be a problem.

Also, you will be impressed that this scope comes with different eye relief to cater all rifle users. Its fully-coated optics has been combined with various mounting rings. This combination makes the Simmons .22 a reliable rimfire scope. In fact, its performance makes you wonder why it has a cheap pricing!

This scope also possesses the TrueZero Adjustment System for a precise windage and elevation and control And should we remind you that this product is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof?


Magnification3 - 9x
Objective Lens Diameter40mm
Exit Pupil10.7mm - 3.6mm
Eye Relief3.75 inches
Field of view31.4 ft / 10.5
Parallax Setting50 yards
Overall Dimension15.2 inches x 3.2 inches x 3 inches
Overall Weight1.5 pounds

#3 Nikon Prostaff 6734 EFR 3-9×40

Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9x40You won’t lose any small games as long as you have the Nikon Prostaff Rimfire Scope. It got all the features that can give you clear and precise target acquisition.

Just like its cousin Nikon BDC 150, this scope has a fully multicoated optical system. This feature ensures that this entire has enough light transmission capabilities. Furthermore, the presence of this feature is a guarantee that the display you see is bright, regardless if it’s morning or dark. The optics have multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds. This component optimizes the light transmission and contrast of the images you can see in this scope.

Moreover, it also comes with a quick focus eyepiece to keep up with fast-paced hunts. Specifically, it lets you instantly adjust your reticle into a sharp and crisp focus!

Aside from that, this scope is engineered to give you accurate target acquisition even at great distances. The Nikon Precision Reticle will also guarantee a foolproof focusing from 10 meters to beyond! The said reticle also includes with an innovative crosshair and fully adjustable objective lens. These features will enable you to keep track of your target, even if your .22 LR rifle has strong recoil!

The performance of Prostaff Target EFR has been enhanced thoroughly too. Apparently, it also uses a precision reticle and a 50-yard parallax setting. These two enables you to shoot with utmost accuracy and confidence.

The Zero-Reset Turrets design of Nikon is also present with Prostaff Target EFR. As we mentioned earlier, this technology simplifies your field adjustment settings. Specifically, it uses a spring-loaded control knob that lets you re-engage as quickly as possible!

On the other hand, its eye relief is slight lesser compared to the BDC 150 and .22 Mag Rimfire scopes. It is also heavier than them. However, its performance in the field will certainly satisfy you!


Magnification3 - 9x
Objective Lens Diameter40mm
Exit Pupil4.4mm - 13.3 mm
Eye Relief3.6 inches
Field of view5.7 - 16.9 feet (100 yards)
Parallax Setting50 yards
Overall Dimension4 inches x 15.5 inches x 3.5 inches
Overall Weight1.9 pounds

#4 Leupold 120617 VX-2

Leupold 120617 VX-2 RimfireWe also considered the Leupold 120617 VX-2 Rimfire Scope because it can also make the cut. If you are hunting varmints, then using this tool would be beneficial to you. One of the reasons for this is its lightweight construction. You may not like a heavy scope on your .22 LR rifle. If that’s the case, then you should go with this product.

Specifically, the Leupold 120617 VX-2 Rimfire Scope is your choice if you are looking for the benefits that a 3-9x scope has, but minus the weight and cut of standard scopes. In fact, it is 17 percent lighter compared to its competitors.

But despite its lightweight features, you can never whittle down its value. Just like other models of Leupold VX-2, this one also possesses the MultiCoat 4 technology. This is an exclusive coating system integrated on the optics of this scope. With this, the light transmission capabilities of this device have been drastically improved. Therefore, you can use this scope from dawn to dusk!

Aside from that, this rimfire scopes has a user-friendly ergonomics. For example, its windage and elevation adjustments are using an easy-to-turn knob for quick and precise control! It can also perform extreme close-focus target acquisition if you want to observe your target keenly.

Albeit its lightweight construction, the Leupold 120617 VX-2 is surprisingly sturdy. You can take it in areas with harsh conditions and hostile climates. Moreover, it is also waterproof, which lets you carry it confidently on sectors that have rainy and wet conditions.

The biggest drawback of this rimfire scope is that its objective lens is smaller compared to other brands. This means that the images it can display are less brighter than its counterparts.


Magnification3 - 9x
Objective Lens Diameter28mm
Eye Relief4 inches (3x); 3 inches (9x)
Field of view5.7 - 16.9 feet (100 yards)
Overall Dimension14 inches x 3.2 inches x 2.8 inches
Overall Weight1.3 pounds

#5 BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17

BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17

We can all agree that the BSA Sweet 17 3-12×40 has an entry point price. Despite this, you will love the fact that you are getting more than what you paid. For example, its optics can be switched depending on what rifle you use. Therefore, you can say that this scope is highly versatile for its kind.

The lens has multi-coating, too. This means that its light-transmission capabilities are pretty decent too. However, the brightness of the image displayed on this scope may not be as great as the rest of the scopes that we have listed. With a weight of 1.8 pounds, the BSA Sweet 17 3-12×40 has a sturdy construction. It can survive extreme hunts because of its rigid design. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if it is not waterproof and fogproof.

You won’t also worry if you dropped this device accidentally. This is because of its shockproof feature which prevents this device from breaking in moments of impacts.

You can easily mount the optics in the rifle, thanks to the presence of different turrets. Moreover, it can handle recoils without losing your setting and focus. Therefore, using it for varmint hunting and target shooting may give you the edge. When it comes to competition, you can also trust this rimfire scope. Although, you should not expect that it can perform better than higher rimfire scopes!

Specifically, this device uses a quick change turret system. This feature is a unique calibration for multiple grain weights. You can benefit from this if you are using a .17HMR, .22LR, .223, .234, .270 and .30-06 guns.

At this point, you should remind you that this scope is for .17HMR rifles. However, we can notice that mounting it is a problem if you don’t have the right rails. Aside from that, its windage adjustment is not as convenient as those from other rimfire scopes.

Its performance is okay, but as we said, it is pretty moderate.


Magnification3 - 12x
Objective Lens Diameter40mm
Exit Pupil10.8 - 3.6 mm
Eye Relief3 inches
Field of view28 - 7 feet (100 yards)
Parallax Setting10 yards
Overall Dimension18.5 inches x 4 inches x 3 inches
Overall Weight1.8 pounds

Rimfire Scope Buying Guide

Just like other scopes, there are several factors that you should consider when choosing a rimfire scope. This is essential to this point, considering that these scopes are built for specific rifles only. Buying a wrong one would just be a waste of money. We know that you don’t want to experience such hassle. Therefore, this buying guide will help you out!

The Range of Rimfire Rifle

Before you start dealing with rimfire scopes, you should analyze your rifle first. To be honest, the distance of a bullet that a rimfire can shoot is pretty far. Specifically, it can reach 100 yards affectively. However, you will already notice that the bullet will drop at least foot already!

Earlier, we said that a rimfire rifle has a short range. Well, it is true. However, what we are referring is the practical range.

Those rifles and handguns that can reach 100 yards have their bullet range maxed out. Of course, you cannot expect that these weapons can hit targets at 500 meters or more. With all these given, there are things that we want you to remember. First, you do not need accessories like a bullet drop compensator. Moreover, you may not require your scope to have a high magnification power. Lastly, you don’t need sophisticated scopes that possess those hash marks for elevation and windage. No, they are not necessary anymore.

In fact, a rimfire rifle works best when it is left untouched. You will only need a rimfire scope that has the settings and variables to improve the precision of your shots. Of course, the benefits of this visual accessory will be amplified if you know how it works. Of course, different environments and shooting situation will require you to adjust this tool accordingly!


Magnification power is pretty significant, regardless of the kind of scope. In the realm of scopes, magnification is a subjective concept. Some rifle users think that scopes higher magnification are always the best. Others think that you the magnification power you need should only rely on the type of your weapon.

If you are using a rimfire rifle (which is the topic today), its maximum shooting distance is 100 yards. We mentioned that earlier. From 0 to 100 yards, you do not really need an optic that has a 16x magnification power to make a precise shot. In fact, this level of magnification can compromise your precision within the said distance.

A rimfire scope is essential because it is for short-distance weapons such as rifles and hand pistols. Its magnification is much lower than spotting scopes. However, this is already enough for you to be able to hit your targets. At this level of magnification, the image you can see is bright and sharp. Specifically, those rimfire scopes that have a 4x reticle as your best option for a rimfire rifle.

Aside from these issues, you should also consider the construction of large optics. They are too bulky and heavy to mount on a .22LR rifle. It would be too funny if you mount huge scopes of rimfire handguns! Moreover, powerful magnification may not serve you well at close distances. They can make your image blurry instead of being sharp. In this situation, you cannot expect that you can hit your target accurately. It can also stress your eyes. Because of these reasons, scopes with powerful optics are not a popular choice for small games.

The basic magnification power that your rimfire scope should have is 3 – 9x. In fact, there are only few instances that you will need the help of a 9x magnification. Standard rimfire scopes have a magnification rating of either 2 – 7x or 3 – 9x. Between these two, we recommend you to use the 3 – 9x. We just want you to be on the safe side!



We all know that rimfire rifles have lightweight construction. For example, the Remington 572 Pump only weighs around 5 pounds. With this into consideration, do you think that mounting a heavy scope will work well? We say no. Therefore, you should choose the lighter option.

The weight of a scope may not be vital for higher grade files. However, for rimfire weapons, this is pretty crucial. This is especially true if you are looking for to upgrade the optics of your rimfire.

Technically, the additional weight will just topple the balance of your weapon. It can also add to the stress that you can feel when taking an aim, especially during long periods. If you will do some target practice, you should not use a huge scope!


Windage and elevation adjustments may not be too significant, even beyond hundred yards. As mentioned earlier, the bullet may drop already at 100 yards. However, if you are not into long-range shooting, you may ignore this factor.

The reticle is only crucial if you are shooting at great distances. In this occasion, we recommend that you should use a mil dot reticle. This type of reticle has a straightforward deign and function. It can give you enough elevation and windage adjustments that you need to make precise long-distance shoots.

If you are a hunter, then you will need a simple duplex reticle that has set of thin crosshairs. These crosshairs will let you see your target at various distances. Take note of this general rule: small rifles plus small targets are equal to small reticles.

Optional Features

Turrets – The turrets are essential for hunting and long distance shooting. But since we are talking about rimfire rifles here, this component may not be relevant anymore. There is nothing awful about turrets. It is just that you may not really need them if you are using a rimfire rifle

  • Objective Lens – Objective lens is critical for all scopes. That is an absolute. However, you may not need a rimfire scope whose objective lens has a size of 42 mm or above! It is just too big and may just add to the weight of your weapon.
  • Illuminated Reticles – Usually, illuminated reticles are common in tactical applications. For small hunts, this feature may not be necessary anymore. Depending on its brightness, an illuminated reticle may cause difficulty in seeing small targets.

Tips on Buying A Rimfire Scope

Adjustable Objective and Parallax

Scientifically speaking, Parallax is a kind of optical illusion that can result to inaccuracy. Therefore, there is a need for you to test a riflescope before buying it. There is a method to do this. First, you need to aim a target using your casual firing position. When you are already comfortable, alter you gaze gradually to the angle you are looking in the rimfire scope. Did the slight adjustment move the reticle? If your answer is yes, then the parallax of your device has not yet been aligned properly at such given distance.

As much as possible, we want to choose rimfire scopes that have 3-9x magnification power. Well, it is not really a problem. However, always take in mind that every brand of this accessory has various parallax settings. Some even have their parallax fixed. These type of rimfire scopes is the most prevalent in the market today. The fixed distance is at 100 yards. If you will shoot a target at less than 100 yards, then it could cause a problem in accuracy. Therefore, you will need to adjust.

However, you can prevent this problem if your scope has an adjustable objective. This feature will let you modify the current parallax setting of your device. With this on hand, you can shoot accurately at different distances. Moreover, this could give you a clearer display of your target.

As a piece of advice, buy a rimfire scope that has an adjustable objective. Parallax is just natural. Therefore, it is you who needs to adjust.

Moreover, parallax is crucial for rimfire rifles. As you know, this kind of rifle is used to hunt to small targets. Accuracy is very vital here. For example, a half-inch deviation may not be noticeable if you are shooting a deer. However, if you shoot a squirrel, the same difference will indicate a miss!


A rimfire scope is essential for casual gun owners. If you own a rimfire rifle or handgun, this accessory will truly benefit you. It can make you shoot precisely at short and mid distances. Moreover, it can aid you in hunting small varmints and pests that are trying to infest your property. With this scope on your hand, missing your target is less likely to happen. As long as you take the time to practice with it, you can guarantee that most of your shots will hit!

There are a lot of rimfire scopes that you can choose in the market today. It is a good thing actually. However, the number of choices can give you a tough time in buying. That’s why before you go to the market, you should try our recommended products first. All of them were tested by industry professionals to ensure their quality.

We also tested them on small games to see if they can perform the way we expect them. Of course, the results were pretty satisfactory, in particular with the Nikon BDC 150. Don’t get us wrong, all of the rimfire scopes here are great. It is just that the BDC 150 of Nikon stood out clearly!

We all know that choosing is hard, regardless of the product. Some brands would even promise false things just to make the sale! This could pose a problem to your part because it can risk your money and time. This is one of the biggest reasons why we made this review. Specifically, we intend this rimfire scope review as your safety net from falling to different marketing traps! We are hoping that you have learned from our guide! Moreover, we are expecting that you can get the best rimfire scope that you deserve!